Beautiful Alaska

With the 2020/2021 race deferrals I already had a pretty full calendar of races with Ironman St George in May, Wales in September and California in October, but when Ironman announced the inaugural Ironman Alaska and posted photos like this, who could resist?   A medal and t-shirt just for making it there, with the... Continue Reading →

So, how do you train for an Ironman?

Well, the short answer is, I don't know, as I haven't finished one yet but I won't let that stop me sharing what I've been doing..... I sort of started training ("sort of", "started" and "training" all being contenders there for the operative word) for this event back in mid November. At the Olympic distance... Continue Reading →

The C Word

Before this blog I had created a different blog with the intention of recording my journey through treatment. Sadly, things didn't work out that way as I woefully under-estimated how sick I would get. So, as a prologue to my cycling adventure, and everything that's happened since, here's a "summary" of those awful few months. Be... Continue Reading →

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