Originally from a small mining village in Wales, I now reside in beautiful Walnut Creek, CA where I can occasionally be found puffing and panting my way up Mount Diablo. I’m a very happily married father of four wonderful children and have a great job working at a healthcare technology startup (checkout Lemonaid for your online healthcare needs!).

After a few months of complaining of a sore throat I had my tonsils removed on June 15th 2016 and a week later I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. I underwent a grim summer of radiation and chemotherapy resulting in, eventually, being declared cancer-free in January 2017. Along the way I lost the ability to swallow and ended up being fed with a tube which resulted in a loss of almost 80lbs of fat and muscle so the simple act of just getting out of a chair was a challenge.

There were many times during my treatment that I thought I wouldn’t be doing the physical things I enjoyed ever again but I came through the ordeal a happier (and significantly thinner) person and am trying to live life to the fullest. I couldn’t have got through this without the support of my wonderful wife, family, friends and a great medical team. I still have a number of friends dealing with this awful disease and I count myself as being very, very lucky to have been declared cancer-free.

To celebrate my cure and my 50th birthday this year I decided that a quick 500 mile jaunt down the beautiful California coast on a bicycle was in order. Honey, I’ll be right back……

But wait!!! There’s more.

Although this site was originally intended to journal my birthday ride I am resurrecting it almost a year later to document other escapades and various ramblings.

If you like what you read, or perhaps want me to stop rambling, please consider a small donation to the Fuck Cancer Foundation!

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